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Hugh Pickens: Independent Writer, Editor, and Publisher

Hugh Pickens

Hugh Pickens: Independent Writer, Editor, and Publishe

Publisher and Editor for:

Peace Corps Library

Peace Corps Online

Writer for:

Stories on Slashdot

Wikipedia writing

Ponca City, We love you

Peace Corps Worldwide

The Broken Statue

An Evaluation of Phillips 66 and its Refinery Business

Honor the Legacy of EW Marland

Research and Ideas

Photos on Flickr


Barack Obama's Mother Grew Up in Ponca City

July 13, 2007: The Pioneer Woman Models Should Return to Ponca City

February 26, 2010: The Pioneer Woman Models Come Home to Ponca City

Standing Bear Looks to the Future

A Biography of Jon Carson, Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama and Director of the Office of Public Engagement

The Peace Corps "Sharp Incident" in Kazakhstan

Why I Enjoy Writing for Wikipedia

Why I Enjoy Writing for Slashdot

My Father and Bobwhite Quail

We Remember

My Favorite Christmas

Thanks for the Memories

A Victorian Mansion in Baltimore's Reservoir Hill

I heard the Silence on Christmas Day

The Peace Corps Community marches in Obama's Inaugural Parade

Moderator for:

The Peace Corps Bulletin Board

Open Discussion of Peace Corps Issues

Looking for a lost Peace Corps Volunteer?

Peace Corps Writings

Interview with Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter

Statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the nomination of new Peace Corps Director

Jack Vaughn, Peace Corps Legend

Tim Russert discusses Peace Corps Issues with Returned Volunteers

Returned Volunteers honor former Director Jack Vaughn

Interview with Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez

Interview with National Peace Corps Association President Kevin Quigley

UMBC's Shriver Center and Maryland Returned Volunteers welcome Scott Stossel in 2nd annual "Peace Corps History" series

C. Payne Lucas speaks at third annual "Peace Corps History" series

Report from the House International Relations Committee hearings on Safety and Security of Peace Corps Volunteers

Report from the Senate Subcommittee Hearings on the Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act

Meet Ron Tschetter - Our Next Peace Corps Director

Our Candidate for NPCA President

Returned Volunteers and Staff honor Peace Corps Architect Warren Wiggins at Memorial Service

How the Peace Corps responded in the cases of missing volunteers in 2001 and in 2007

A Critical Flaw in the Proposed Peace Corps Safety and Security Bill

Senator Dodd holds confirmation hearings for nomination of Gaddi Vasquez as Peace Corps Director

Heated Discussion over Vasquez nomination in Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Peace Corps investigates and takes action on Incident in Kasama District in Zambia

The Flag Procession and Remembrance of Fallen Volunteers: A Photo Essay

Brockport's Peace Corps/College Degree Progam

Thanks for the Memories


Remember with Honor

Why blurring the lines with the Military would put Peace Corps Volunteers in Danger

A Volunteer's Courage

Engineering and Project Management

GRO Remote Terminal System (GRTS) - Photos

McMurdo TDRS Ground Terminal - Photos

LeoT Autonomous Ground Station - Photos

South Pole Station

NOAA Fairbanks Autonomous Ground Station

Other Engineering Projects

Video News, Jazz Views

Photo Essay: Fourplay

Photo Essay: The Boat Arrives

Photo Essay: Rippingtons

Photo Essay: Street Murals

Photo Essay: Picnic

Photo Essay: George Duke

Photo Essay: Chad and Jeremy

Photo Essay: Euge Groove

Photo Essay: Al di Meola

Oklahoma: A View of the Country

Photo Essay: Ponca City, We love you

The Pioneer Woman Miniatures

Photo Essay: Snow Lions

Photo Essay: Independence Day

Photo Essay: Standing Bear

Photo Essay: Lake Ponca Park in March

Photo Essay: Ponca City digs out

Ponca City digs out

Photo Essay: Mile of Angels

Photo Essay: Po Hi Vespers 1967

Photo Essay: Ceremonial Signing

Ceremonial Signing for University Multispectral Lab at City Hall

Photo Essay: Refinery by Night

Photo Essay: Woolaroc: 45 years later

Photo Essay: Tallgrass Prairie Buffalo

Photo Essay: Marland Mansion as seen for the first time by a young visitor

Photo Essay: Langston Tree Formation

Photo Essay: Veterans Day Parade

Photo Essay: Rodeo Queen

Photo Essay: Poncan Theatre

Photo Essay: Flash Floods

Photo Essay: Spillway Overflow

Photo Essay: Philbrook Auto Arrival

Photo Essay: Pawhuska Main Street

Bruce in the USA" is coming to Ponca City


Odds and Ends


Personal Interests in 1998

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