Stockholder's Meetings at Phillips 66

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Logo of Phillips 66. “We are standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland. “People like E. W. Marland, who started Marland Oil in 1911, and Frank and L. E. Phillips that started Phillips Petroleum in 1917. I could go on and on and list the giants that have come before us that have so well positioned this company for the success that we enjoy today.”[1] Photo: ConocoPhillips
The 587 foot tall Mammoet PTC 140 crane, seen here from North First Street, towers over the refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma built by E. W. Marland. The crane was used to move two new coker reactor units within the refinery in September, 2013. The photograph was taken from almost two miles away from the crane. Photo: Hugh Pickens All Rights Reserved.
A photo of Marland Refinery in Ponca City in 1921. By 1921 EW Marland had consolidated all of his oil operations under the auspices of the Marland Oil Company. Headquartered in Ponca City the firm continued its phenomenal growth pattern by absorbing numerous small oil companies including the Comar Oil Company, Tom Jones Oil Company, Kenney-Cleary Oil Company, Francoma Oil Company, John S. Alcorn Oil Company, and many others whose highly competent executives Marland's company usually retained. Photo: Oklahoma Historical Society

Stockholder's Meetings

May 8, 2013: Phillips Holds First Stockholder's Meeting in Houston

Greg Garland told Phillips stockholders at the first meeting that Phillips had executed the spin-off from ConocoPhillips flawlessly. "When you think about the Company, we had a strong operating performance. We ran well," said Garland. "We stood up the Company in a very favorable margin environment, so all those things came together for really strong year of financial performance for our Company. We delivered $5.4 billion of [adjusted] net income in 2012. Our return on capital employed was 22%. We're so proud of our employees and what they accomplished in standing up the Company, but also for their commitment and their dedication in creating and capturing value for our shareholders."[2]

Garland received questions from stockholders John Pajak who works at the Bayway Refinery and commended Phillips for its repsonse to Hurricane Sandy. Stockholder Jimmie Dunn commended Phillips on its first year performance and asked why Phillips bought back stock rather than increasing the dividends. Stockholder Governor Clements said he was very pleased with Phillips' performance. Stockholder Jim White said he was a suppler to Phillips and commended Phillips for the response post superstorm Sandy and for Phillips ongoing commitment to family values and safety. Stockholder Michael Mulvany, the business manager for a local steamfitters union headquartered out of North New Jersey, thanked Phillips for their commitment to safety. "My union's relationship with that refinery goes back 103 years when Mr. John D. Rockefeller opened up Standard Oil," said Mulvany. "We've been there when it was Exxon, Tosco, ConocoPhillips and now Phillips 66. And we're hoping to be there another 103 years with all you fellows, and your good team of leadership." Stockholder Caroline Hockley asked about Phillips controlled pipelines and Garland responded that Phillips has "a state-of-the-art controlled facility, one of the newest and, I think, best in the industry in Bartlesville, Oklahoma." Stockholder Jimmie Dunn asked how he could get a tide in ConocoPhillips "beautiful hot air balloon."[3]

April 17, 2013: Phillips Announces First Annual Stockholder's Meeting

The Herald Online reported on April 17, 2013 that will host its First Annual Meeting of Stockholders on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. CDT at the Marriott Houston Westchase at 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston 77042. Stockholders must present an admission ticket or proof of ownership of Phillips 66 stock, as well as valid picture identification, to enter the meeting. Phillips also encourages company employees to attend the meeting.[4]

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