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Recent Stories

Security Review in Central America Date: January 20 2012 No: 1576 Security Review in Central America
A Peace Corps Volunteer was shot in the right leg during an attack on a bus on December 4 in Honduras - a country that suffers the world's highest murder rate. All 158 PCVs have left the country and monitors operations in El Salvador and Guatemala. Latest: However one PCV writes that volunteers shouldn't be pulled out of Central America. "Speaking to other volunteers and reading the Guatemalan press every day, these decisions seem unnecessary, even cowardly."

The "Sharp Incident" in Kazakhstan Date: December 18 2011 No: 1566 The "Sharp Incident" in Kazakhstan
After Peace Corps' decision to suspend their program in Kazakhstan, new information from US diplomatic cables cites elements in the Kazakhstani "pro-Russian old-guard at the Committee for National Security (the KNB, successor to the KGB) that aimed at discrediting the Peace Corps and damaging bilateral relations" with the US. Read how one Peace Corps volunteer was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 2009 after "what appeared to be a classic Soviet-style set-up."

Peasants Come Last Date: October 23 2011 No: 1564 Peasants Come Last
Bureaucracy in Peace Corps Washington is like the dark side of the moon - everybody knows it's there but who knew there was so much of it. Read three excerpts from former Uganda Country Director J. Larry Brown's book "Peasants Come Last" about Peace Corps' bloated bureaucracy in Washington, why three Country Directors in the Africa region were fired in the final days of the Bush administration by Acting Director Jody Olsen, and Brown's ideas on the future of the Peace Corps.

Oct 10, 2011: 50 Years of Peace Corps Leadership Date: October 10 2011 No: 1555 Oct 10, 2011: 50 Years of Peace Corps Leadership
Fifty Years of Peace Corps Leadership 10 Oct
John Coyne writes: Watching the Peace Corps Hearings 6 Oct
Peace Corps to Re-Open Tunisia Program 7 Oct
Ralph Bolton founded Chijnaya Foundation 7 Oct
Gordon Radley Fulfills Pledge to Fallen Brother 6 Oct
Hazle Shorter Delivered Babies in Malawi 6 Oct
Chuck Ludlam Opposes Peace Corps Monument 4 Oct
Chris Shays Announces Senate Run 4 Oct
Foreign Aid to Take a Hit in US Budget Crisis 3 Oct
Ron Peters was PCV in Philippines I 2 Oct
Taylor Dibbert writes: PC Safety Claims Mostly Baseless 29 Sep
Senate Passes PC Whisteblower Bill 27 Sep
RPCVs Gather at Arlington National Cemetery 26 Sep
Rhoda Brooks is Pioneer Peace Corps Writer 26 Sep
Robert Ford is America's Man in Syria 25 Sep
Ambassador Kathleen Stephens Departs Korea 25 Sep
Gene Cretz is US Ambassador to Libya 23 Sep
Adam Klein Returns to Mali to Record Album 22 Sep
PC Donates Artifacts to American History Museum 21 Sep
Jennifer Monahan designed and built classrooms 21 Sep
Bill Bull was CD in Madagascar Liberia and Kenya 21 Sep
MacArthur Winner Peter Hessler to Study Arabic in Egypt 20 Sep
David Whitman Directs "Technology Benefiting Humanity" 19 Sep

The First Volunteers? Date: September 15 2011 No: 1543 The First Volunteers?
Ghana RPCV Bob Klein has written about Ghana I - the first volunteers to arrive at their country of service. But now as the Peace Corps prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Colombia RPCV Ronald A. Schwartz writes that, in his opinion, the agency's account of its early history is flawed and that while the Peace Corps' web site proclaims that the first volunteers were members of Ghana I, "in fact, the first Peace Corps volunteers were, and are, the members of a group known as Colombia I."

Aug 6, 2011: Senate Candidate Chris Shays Date: October 10 2011 No: 1553 Aug 6, 2011: Senate Candidate Chris Shays
Peace Corps Needs Chris Shays in the Senate 6 Aug
Peter Hessler Defends Peace Corps China 17 Sep
Congressman wants to end PC program in China 2 Sep
Heather Mangan Deals with a Dream Deferred 12 Sep
RPCVs Sue PC for Volunteer Survey Information 1 Sep
Peace Corps Mourns Loss of Julianne Amundson 31 Aug
Kyung Endres Evaluates Food Security and Nutrition 30 Aug
PCV writes about Image Rights in Africa 17 Aug
Jesse Osmun Accused of Sexually Abusing Young Girls 5 Aug
Courtney Mitchell weds in Asia’s First Same-Sex Marriage 27 Jul
Friends of Sierra Leone Celebrate 50th 21 Jul
Christina Shea writes about Hungarian History 20 Jul
Herman Davis retires to Ghana 19 Jul
Korea Says Thanks to RPCVs 16 Jul
Michael Levy writes Kosher Chinese 15 Jul
Robert Ford Changes dynamic of US-Syria Relations 12 Jul
Last group of Romania PCVs takes oath 8 Jul
Jason Coleman Returns to Africa 3 Jul
Sylvia White Learned about Recycling as PCV 2 Jul
Paul Frommer Created the Na’vi Language for “Avatar” 29 Jun
Senator Isakson champions PCV Kate Puzey 19 Jun
FBI Investigated Sargent Shriver for Communists Links 11 Jun
Kevin Lowther writes of Odyssey of John Kizell 5 Jun

Peace Corps Featured at Smithsonian Date: July 15 2011 No: 1527 Peace Corps Featured at Smithsonian
Take a look at our photo essay of Peace Corps' featured program at the 2011 Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington DC to see how the festival showcased the work of Peace Corps volunteers in economic development and income generation; ways volunteers have helped support local groups to help educate communities; and food and cooking traditions that have played a role in the Peace Corps experience. New: Enjoy photos from the second week of the exposition.

May 26, 2011: The RPCV in the White House Date: May 26 2011 No: 1522 May 26, 2011: The RPCV in the White House
The RPCV in the White House 8 Apr
Peace Corps Recruiter Remembers Thomas Maresco 2 Mar
Robbie Schwartz writes: How would my life have been different? 2 Mar
Rajiv Joseph is a fresh and compelling voice in theater 5 Mar
Robert Textor Releases Peace Corps Classic 13 Mar
Chris Matthews writes: What's the Real Mission In Libya? 22 Mar
Peace Corps Faces Budget Ax in FY2012 23 Mar
Brendan Moroso writes: Revolution comes to North Africa 23 Mar
Jessica Moon Bernstein has exhibition "Ourrubberos" 26 Mar
Joshua Stern Founds Envaya to Provide Interent Access 26 Mar
Richard Sitler Photographs PCVs around the world 27 Mar
Scott Lacy is Executive Director of African Sky 29 Mar
American Sailor Accused of Raping PCV in Kenya 24 Apr
Scott Koepke Shares his Love for Dirt 26 Apr
Jane Wolkowicz tried to be Strict Vegetarian in Kazakhstan 27 Apr
George Packer Writes: Bin Laden: Better Late Than Never 2 May
Clare Major Screens Film "Feast & Sacrifice" 4 May
Steve Kruse and Salifu Mansaray met 40 years ago 4 May
SuZanne Kimbrell Rocks in Dallas 12 May
Nancy Sathre-Vogel writes:A Long Path to Nowhere 15 May
Gal Beckerman writes: What is Peace Corps for? 15 May
Katie Dyer Founded Fair Trade Folk Art Gallery 17 May
Henry Wilhelm Honored for his Photography 25 May

Congressional Hearings on Sexual Assault Date: June 3 2011 No: 1523 Congressional Hearings on Sexual Assault
Congress held hearings on the sexual assault of Peace Corps volunteers. Read the testimony of RPCVs on how the problem is still ongoing, and not limited to any particular country or region. Director Williams says that "it has become apparent to me that the Peace Corps has not always been sufficiently responsive or sensitive to victims of crime and their families. I sincerely regret that." Read what the Peace Corps is doing to address the issue. Latest: Background on sexual assault of PCVs.

Peace Corps: The Next Fifty Years Date: March 8 2011 No: 1513 Peace Corps: The Next Fifty Years
As we move into the Peace Corps' second fifty years, what single improvement would most benefit the mission of the Peace Corps? Read our op-ed about the creation of a private charitable non-profit corporation, independent of the US government, whose focus would be to provide support and funding for third goal activities. Returned Volunteers need President Obama to support the enabling legislation, already written and vetted, to create the Peace Corps Foundation. RPCVs will do the rest.

March 1, 2011: The First PCVs Date: February 27 2011 No: 1495 March 1, 2011: The First PCVs
Bob Klein writes: First PCVs Arrive in Ghana 22 Feb
Hugh Pickens says PC to Win Nobel Peace Prize 22 Feb
Patricia McKissick sees history unfolding in Cairo 12 Feb
Bruce Rosen Leads Lawsuit Against Iran 10 Feb
Claudia Jayne teaches Sewing in Fiji 9 Feb
Michael Snarskis Discovered Ancient Civilizations 4 Feb
John Freivalds writes: Egypt compared to Iran in 1970's 2 Feb
Ted Poe to investigate PCV Sexual Assault Victims 31 Jan
Peter DiCampo takes Flashlight Portraits of Ghana 25 Jan
Lyn Wright Fogle says Learning new Language Transforms Us 25 Jan
Shanti A. Parikh Examines Structures of Gender Inequality 21 Jan
Ann Sheehan writes: Hearing Sarge sent me to Africa 20 Jan
Laurence Leamer writes: I remember Sarge as he was 19 Jan
Jim Fedako writes: What stands in way of rebuilding Haiti? 17 Jan
Peace Corps Evacuates PCVs from Niger 17 Jan
Sean Smith quits Hollywood for Peace Corps 17 Jan
Peace Corps Malaysia Program to be Re-instated 15 Jan
Brian Buckley co-owns Innisfree Poetry Bookstore 13 Jan
Rob Prince writes: Tunisia explodes 13 Jan
Pancho Lane writes about Colombia 1 12 Jan
Erik Thompson brings Micronesians to Minnesota 24 Nov
Alan Guskin helped lay foundation for Peace Corps 4 Nov

How Volunteers Remember Sarge Date: January 18 2011 No: 1487 How Volunteers Remember Sarge
As the Peace Corps' Founding Director Sargent Shriver laid the foundations for the most lasting accomplishment of the Kennedy presidency. Shriver spoke to returned volunteers at the Peace Vigil at Lincoln Memorial in September, 2001 for the Peace Corps 40th. "The challenge I believe is simple - simple to express but difficult to fulfill. That challenge is expressed in these words: PCV's - stay as you are. Be servants of peace. Work at home as you have worked abroad. Humbly, persistently, intelligently. Weep with those who are sorrowful, Care for those who are sick. Serve your wives, serve your husbands, serve your families, serve your neighbors, serve your cities, serve the poor, join others who also serve," said Shriver. "Serve, Serve, Serve. That's the answer, that's the objective, that's the challenge."

PCV Murder Investigated Date: January 18 2011 No: 1477 PCV Murder Investigated
ABC News has investigated the murder of Benin PCV Kate Puzey. Read our original coverage of the crime, comments on Peace Corps actions, the email Puzey sent her country director about sexual incidents with Puzey's students and with another PCV, the backstory on how RPCVs helped the Puzey family, and Peace Corps' official statement. PCOL Editorial: One major shortcoming that the Puzey murder highlights is that Peace Corps does not have a good procedure in place for death notifications.

Jan 9, 2011: Push for the Peace Corps Date: January 9 2011 No: 1464 Jan 9, 2011: Push for the Peace Corps
Rajeev Goyal Pushes for the Peace Corps 20 Dec
Denis Dutton founded Arts & Letters Daily 2 Jan
Jim Carter promotes organ exchange 29 Dec
Bob Hollinger embraced the Toyama-ryu style of karate 27 Dec
Anthony Siracusa is Riding a bike around world 27 Dec
Marianne Combs writes: Another Upheaval in Ivory Coast 25 Dec
Kathy Rousso documents weaving methods in Guatemala 24 Dec
Ramsey Nix writes: Christmas in Mongolia 23 Dec
Leanne Moore writes: Coming Back to America 23 Dec
Cancer Victim Linda Lahme dreams of Africa 23 Dec
The RPCV Who Changed American Parenting 22 Dec
Dick Holbrooke at the Peace Corps 22 Dec
Mahlon Barash publishes “Imágenes del Perú” 20 Dec
Susan Luz writes "The Nightingale of Mosul" 18 Dec
RPCV arrested in alleged Sandinista 'Land Grab' 17 Dec
Peter DiCampo captures village life in Ghana 16 Dec
John Coyne writes: Peace Corps Prose 16 Dec
Kathleen Stephens presses China to rein in North Korea 15 Dec
Greg Parsley writes: PC taught me to bypass bureaucrats 14 Dec
Pat Waak writes: Peace Corps Pays Off 8 Dec
David Matthews wins NATO medal for work in Afghanistan 7 Dec
Ralph Bolton wins award in Anthropology 9 Nov

Nov 8, 2010: The 50th Begins Date: November 9 2010 No: 1457 Nov 8, 2010: The 50th Begins
University of Michigan commemorates 50th 16 Oct
Wittenberg University also has claim on 50th 31 Oct
Historical Marker Unveiled to Celebrate 50th 15 Oct
Directors Discuss Impact of Service 13 Oct
Mary Morgan writes: Some thoughts on the 50th 16 Oct
Colombia I Holds Reunion at Rutgers 31 Oct
Remembering the Early Program in Ghana 23 Oct
George Packer writes: Meaning of the Mid-Terms 2 Nov
Steve Driehaus Defeated for re-election 2 Nov
Michelle Obama's Uncle was PCV in India 1 Nov
Chic Dambach writes "Exhaust the Limits" 31 Oct
Alrick Brown Directs Documentary on Rwanda 31 Oct
Rajeev Goyal writes: Obama Does Nothing for Peace Corps 31 Oct
Dr. Paul Frommer Created Language for 'Avatar' 20 Oct
Cy Kukenbaker Directs Movie about Soccer in Malawi 15 Oct
Peace Corps has no Institutional Memory 14 Oct
Kristof and Stacia Nordin demonstrate permaculture in Malawi 9 Oct
Volunteer Stephanie Chance dies in Niger 8 Oct
Peace Corps volunteer Census hits 40-year high 4 Oct
Malaysia PM wants Peace Corps to Return 25 Sep
Volunteer Thomas Maresco Murdered in Lesotho 4 Sep
Johnathan Miller launchs Airborne Lifeline 26 Aug

July 20, 2010: Nita Lowey Pushes Expansion Date: July 24 2010 No: 1447 July 20, 2010: Nita Lowey Pushes Expansion
Nita Lowey pushes $46.15 million PC funding increase 1 Jul
Anne Goddard helps lead ChildFund 12 Jul
PCVs Safe after bombing in Uganda 12 Jul
PCVs Evacuated from Northern Burkina Faso 7 Jul
Ben Masters promotes bamboo bicycles 6 Jul
Danny Dunbar is a fan of Brazil soccer 2 Jul
Christopher Hill leaves Iraq Embassy For Academia 2 Jul
NPCA holds YouTube contest 2 Jul
Larry Palmer nominated as Ambassador to Venezuela 30 Jun
Laurence Leamer writes: America Looks Like a Fortress 29 Jun
Ed Reed writes: Troops’ service in Korea not in vain 28 Jun
Mary-Denise Tabar finishes tour in Iraq 24 Jun
Carrie Hessler-Radelet Sworn in as PC Deputy Director 24 Jun
PC Releases Comprehensive Agency Assessment Report 22 Jun
Michael Burden writes: The dilemma on your dinner plate 18 Jun
Safety at risk for Peace Corps volunteers? 17 Jun
PCVs in Southern Kyrgyzstan evacuated safely 15 Jun
Steve Harpt helps dropouts reconstruct their lives 11 Jun
Biden Meets with Peace Corps/Kenya Volunteers 11 Jun
19 Americans Sworn-in as PCVs in Indonesia 4 Jun
PC Celebrates Volunteers Return to Sierra Leone 3 Jun
John Coté makes cross-country walk for US Troops 16 May

May 12, 2010: PC Returns to Colombia Date: May 12 2010 No: 1434 May 12, 2010: PC Returns to Colombia
Colombia Program restarts after 30 Year Absence 11 May
Karen Smith works in Afghanistan and Sudan 24 Apr
Kevin Bubriski began photographing Nepal in 1975 24 Apr
Mark Lenzi writes: Can Poland get past the 'curse'? 14 Apr
Aaron Williams visits Jordan 13 Apr
Committee passes Dodd's Peace Corps Bill 13 Apr
NPCA's Africa Rural Connect wins Award 13 Apr
Brian Kuhn among Scientists on Ancestor Find 12 Apr
Melanie Edwards gathers data on “invisible poor” 12 Apr
Johnnie Carson writes: Africa Policy Under Obama 7 Apr
Be Part Of New Film About The Peace Corps 30 Mar
Chief of Staff encourages PCVs to serve third year 29 Mar
Williams Testifies on Vision for Future of Peace Corps 18 Mar
Heath Lowry teaches Turkish Studies at Princeton 14 Mar
Torkin Wakefield created "Bead for Life" in Uganda 14 Mar
Parents of Murdered PCV Speak Out 12 Mar
Village in Kenya Erects Monument to Megan DaPisa 10 Mar
Frank Swoboda at World Food Prize HQ 10 Mar
Ashley Bates reports from Gaza 4 Mar
Joe Zenisek started Share the Love 10 years ago 28 Feb
Peter Hessler publishes "Country Driving" 25 Feb
Stacia and Kristof Nordin call Malawi home 22 Feb

Feb 10, 2010: Senator Dodd to Retire Date: February 19 2010 No: 1433 Feb 10, 2010: Senator Dodd to Retire
Dodd retires from Senate 6 Jan
Cameron Hume named US Ambassador to Pakistan 8 Feb
Florida RPCVs sponsor Everglades Experience 6 Feb
Jeff Hall brings aid to Sierra Leone 1 Feb
Peace Corps to reach 11,000 PCVs in 2016 1 Feb
Hugh Pickens writes: Standing Bear Looks to the Future 27 Jan
Ann Varghese survives 55 hours in Haiti rubble 26 Jan
John Guy LaPlante at 80 was oldest PCV 17 Jan
Steve Radelet to advise Hilary Clinton on Development 15 Jan
Obituary for Co-Author of ‘The Ugly American' 14 Jan
Peace Corps Establishes Program in Indonesia 11 Dec
What Happened to Obama's Promise? 3 Dec
George Packer writes: Obama’s Troubles 24 Nov
PC Mourns Loss of Morocco PCV So-Youn Kim 17 Nov
Peace Corps volunteers return to Madagascar 16 Nov
PC to grow by several thousand over next 2 years 15 Nov
Former Hostage John Limbert named to Iran Bureau 11 Nov
Carrie Hessler Radelet named PC Deputy Director 9 Nov
Garamendi Sworn into Congress 9 Nov
Jesse Lonergan writes graphic novel “Joe and Azat” 4 Nov
David Macaray writes: Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan 29 Oct
Dustin Hogenson writes: Sauna in Kazakstan 26 Oct

Memo to Incoming Director Williams Date: August 24 2009 No: 1419 Memo to Incoming Director Williams
PCOL has asked five prominent RPCVs and Staff to write a memo on the most important issues facing the Peace Corps today. Issues raised include the independence of the Peace Corps, political appointments at the agency, revitalizing the five-year rule, lowering the ET rate, empowering volunteers, removing financial barriers to service, increasing the agency's budget, reducing costs, and making the Peace Corps bureaucracy more efficient and responsive. Latest: Greetings from Director Williams

Oct 9, 2009: Turkmenistan Denies Entry to PCVs Date: October 10 2009 No: 1424 Oct 9, 2009: Turkmenistan Denies Entry to PCVs
Turkmenistan denies entry to PCVs 9 Oct
Guinea PCVs evacuated to Mali 8 Oct
Obituary for India Country Director Charles Houston 30 Sep
PCVs in Samoa are Safe after Tsunami 30 Sep
PCV Joseph Chow dies in accident in Tanzania 23 Sep
Aaron Oldenburg creates Peace Corps game 15 Sep
Chris Siegler helps rebuild Sierra Leone 10 Sep
Diana Kingston establishes bakery in Uganda 9 Sep
Beverly Pheto is top staffer on House Appropriations 8 Sep
Aaron Williams visits Dominican Republic 3 Sep
McKenzie Boekhoelder supports Sustainable Farming 24 Aug
Thomas Hollowell writes "Allah’s Garden" 19 Aug
Scott Stossel writes: Eunice the Formidable 14 Aug
Peace Corps Program suspended in Mauritania 12 Aug
Jenny Phillips uses meditation to help convicts 11 Aug
Jim Turner operates the Hobbit House in Manila 10 Aug
Shelton Johnson in Ken Burns’ New Documentary 7 Aug
Steve Gall is a Recess Freak 5 Aug
Scheper-Hughes reports Illegal Organ Trafficking 29 Jul
Tucker Childs Preserves West African Languages 27 Jul
Ambassador Hill gives Tough Love to Iraq 22 Jul
Lynee Moquete builds homes in DR 21 Jul
Time in Tunisia best years of Ken Dorph's life 18 Jul

Join Us Mr. President! Date: June 26 2009 No: 1380 Join Us Mr. President!
"We will double the size of the Peace Corps by its 50th anniversary in 2011. And we'll reach out to other nations to engage their young people in similar programs, so that we work side by side to take on the common challenges that confront all humanity," said Barack Obama during his campaign. Returned Volunteers rally and and march to the White House to support a bold new Peace Corps for a new age. Latest: Senator Dodd introduces Peace Corps Improvement and Expansion Act of 2009 .

Meet Aaron Williams - Our Next Director Date: July 30 2009 No: 1411 Meet Aaron Williams - Our Next Director
Senator Dodd's Senate Subcommittee held confirmation hearings for Aaron Williams to become the 18th Peace Corps Director. "It's exciting to have a nominee who served in the Peace Corps and also has experience in international development and management," said Dodd as he put Williams on the fast track to be confirmed by the full Senate before the August recess. Read our exclusive coverage of the hearings and our biography of Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams.

July 11, 2009: House says Yes, Senate No Date: July 11 2009 No: 1390 July 11, 2009: House says Yes, Senate No
Senate Funding for Peace Corps Falls Short of Goal 10 Jul
House supports $450M Peace Corps Budget 17 Jun
Senator Kit Bond says PC is Smart Power 29 Jun
Parents Keep Dream Alive for Fallen Zambia PCV 3 Jul
PCVs Safe in Honduras after Coup 28 Jun
Jahanshah Javid recalls Peace Corps Volunteers in Iran 22 Jun
Peace Corps to return to Sierra Leone in 2010 18 Jun
Ryan Van Duzer rode bike from Honduras to Boulder 17 Jun
Monica Mills Named a Top Grassroots Lobbyist 12 Jun
Tiffany Nelson teaches - and learns in China 12 Jun
Dr. Roger Brooks spent 35 years with Concord Schools 9 Jun
Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster administered Polio vaccine in Nepal 8 Jun
Bill Lorah Runs Pre-Collegiate Program in Colorado 7 Jun
Brian Carroll writes: An African village adapts 7 Jun
Rebekah Martin finds love is not enough 6 Jun
Peter Bartholomew helps preserve Korean traditional culture 5 Jun
Obama speaks to Islamic World at Cairo University 4 Jun
Matt Hepp combines humanitarian and climbing objectives 4 Jun
Juana Bordas named 2009 Unique Woman of Colorado 2 Jun
Phil Hardberger left his mark on San Antonio 31 May
Philip Nix retires as headmaster of Day School 31 May

New: More Stories from June and July 2009

May 30, 2009: Peace Corps' Roadmap Date: May 29 2009 No: 1369 May 30, 2009: Peace Corps' Roadmap
Peace Corps' Roadmap for the Future 26 May
Who are the Candidates for Peace Corps Director? 24 May
Have French Atomic Tests put PCVs at Risk? 1 May
Obama asks Congress for 10% increase in PC Budget 7 May
Guy Consolmagno debunks "Angels & Demons" 22 May
Obama praises Dodd at credit card signing 22 May
John Garamendi front runner in California primary 22 May
Al Kamen writes: New management structure at PC HQ? 22 May
Damian Wampler's play Twin Towers opens in NYC 21 May
Michael Volpe learns that DC is networking capital 21 May
Dr. Mike Metke returns to Costa Rica 10 May
Jesse Fleisher Lives well on less 14 May
Al Kamen writes: PCVs peak at 11,000 under Obama Budget 11 May
James W. Kostenblatt is making a difference in Mozambique 10 May
Karen and Warren Master host Kyrgyzstan teen 9 May
Alberto Ibargüen writes: The Future of Newspapers 9 May
PC Monitor 2009 H1N1 Flu Virus in Mexico 1 May
Paul Theroux writes: Obama and the Peace Corps 1 May
Johnnie Carson to head State Department African Affairs 29 Apr
Michael O'Hanlon writes: Grading Obama's First 100 Days 29 Apr
Amy Potthast writes: The Peace Corps Lottery 23 Apr
Read more stories from April and May 2009.

Director Ron Tschetter:  The PCOL Interview Date: December 9 2008 No: 1296 Director Ron Tschetter: The PCOL Interview
Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter sat down for an in-depth interview to discuss the evacuation from Bolivia, political appointees at Peace Corps headquarters, the five year rule, the Peace Corps Foundation, the internet and the Peace Corps, how the transition is going, and what the prospects are for doubling the size of the Peace Corps by 2011. Read the interview and you are sure to learn something new about the Peace Corps. PCOL previously did an interview with Director Gaddi Vasquez.

April 19, 2009: Obama's Public Diplomacy Date: April 19 2009 No: 1352 April 19, 2009: Obama's Public Diplomacy
Obama engages Students in Roundtable in Turkey 7 Apr
To Rebuild US-Muslim Relations Obama Is Not Enough 26 Mar
PC Model in Mexico sends Older Specialized PCVs 19 Apr
Peace Corps Needs Top-Down Re-Examination 19 Apr
Peace Corps Returns To Rwanda with 32 PCVs 17 Apr
Read from "First Comes Love Then Comes Malaria" 16 Apr
Does Mike Honda want to head Peace Corps? 15 Apr
Paul Theroux promotes Responsible Tourism 3 Apr
Vice President Biden Meets PCVs In Costa Rica 1 Apr
Vote on Christopher R. Hill delayed by opponents 1 Apr
Joseph Acaba makes First Spacewalk 31 Mar
Petri Vindicated for Advocacy of Direct Loans to Students 30 Mar
Mateo Paneitz devotes life to helping poor in Guatemala 29 Mar
Read from "The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen" 16 Apr
Drew Marinelli makes 6000-mile bicycle trip across US 28 Mar
Senate votes to triple AmeriCorps' ranks 27 Mar
Four Cycling RPCVs have been friends for 45 years 25 Mar
Denice Traina Hopes Hives will Help Harrisburg 24 Mar
"Expand the Band" brings Instruments to South Africa 24 Mar
Maria Shriver testifies on her Father's Alzheimer's 24 Mar
Charles R. Larson donates African collection to UT 23 Mar
Read more stories from March and April 2009.

March 22, 2009: Special Envoy Date: March 22 2009 No: 1343 March 22, 2009: Special Envoy
Holbrooke is Special Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan 26 Feb
Peace Corps Madagascar Program Suspended 16 Mar
Peace Corps Volunteer Murdered in Benin 12 Mar
Joseph Acaba Makes First Spacewalk 21 Mar
Michael O'Hanlon: Can Obama win in Afghanistan? 20 Mar
Dodd faces Rebellion in Connecticut 19 Mar
Mike Honda writes: Request for Internet Ideas 19 Mar
Laurence Leamer writes: Tragedy of the Peace Corps 16 Mar
Gaddi Vasquez at Annenberg Foundation Trust 16 Mar
White House defends appointment of Chris Hill 14 Mar
Ted Kennedy promotes national service bill 10 Mar
John Dunlop helps Iraq recover 8 Mar
Want a better safer world? Volunteer. 6 Mar
Guy Consolmagno writes: The Search for Earth-like Planets 5 Mar
Charles Murray to receive AEI Award 5 Mar
Sam Goldman started D.light to replace kerosene lamps 4 Mar
RPCVs apply Ideas To Hometown In Need 3 Mar
Senator Bond: Peace Corps and Smart Power 26 Feb
Bob Shacochis writes: Rebuild the Peace Corps 24 Feb
Stephen Andersen promotes Kenyan artisans 24 Feb
Francis Koster writes: A shard of glass 24 Feb
Read more stories from February 2009 and March.

Feb 22, 2009: Return to Indonesia? Date: March 1 2009 No: 1333 Feb 22, 2009: Return to Indonesia?
Clinton says PC expects to resume in Indonesia 18 Feb
Indonesia still touchy about Peace Corps 17 Feb
PCVs Remain Safe in Madagascar 30 Jan
Dodd's Senate seat up for grabs? 21 Feb
Tony Hall Talks About Poverty and Hunger 18 Feb
Pro Football Player Aaron Merz to serve in Zambia 17 Feb
Moyers could be new Murrow for US Public Diplomacy 17 Feb
Obituary for Nigeria CD Francis Underhill Macy 10 Feb
George Packer writes: Parties argue government role 10 Feb
James Rupert writes: Missile Strikes Counterproductive? 10 Feb
Danny Hevrol in Madagascar amidst fighting 6 Feb
Reed Hastings writes: Please Raise My Taxes 6 Feb
Obama overrides Hillary on Chris Hill appointment 6 Feb
Joseph Acaba has "The Right Stuff" 4 Feb
Maureen Orth writes: A New Start 2 Feb
Henry Rayburn could make art out of anything 1 Feb
Obama out to marry military power with diplomacy 30 Jan
Mike Fay honored by the San Diego Zoo 30 Jan
Charles Stroh writes: Karzai seen as impediment to change 29 Jan
Madeleine Meek writes: The market and the bath 26 Jan
NPCA gets new Web Site 22 Jan
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Jan 24, 2009: RPCVs March in Inauguration Date: January 25 2009 No: 1309 Jan 24, 2009: RPCVs March in Inauguration
Peace Corps Community marches in Inaugural Parade 20 Jan
Jane Albritton writes: Memories of Maury Albertson 18 Jan
Sarah Chayes writes: Failing Afghanistan 15 Dec
Volunteers in Guinea are Safe 23 Dec
Jim Walsh reflects on 20 years of service 28 Dec
Public service in Driehaus' blood 3 Jan
An Interview with Kathleen Stephens 3 Jan
Robert P. Cristo returns to Nigeria 4 Jan
Sarah Holt makes 2,663-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail 5 Jan
Zophia Kneiss is metal sculptor 11 Jan
Harris Wofford is Godfather of National Service 12 Jan
Melanie Edwards founds Mobile Metrix 14 Jan
Jody Olsen Named PC Acting Director 16 Jan
Lawrence Leamer writes: Obama betrays the Peace Corps? 18 Jan
George Packer writes: Obama's Inaugural Address 20 Jan
Obama going to do something great for Peace Corps 21 Jan
John Bridgeland writes: Volunteer to Save the Economy 22 Jan
Foy Spicer writes: Electricity as a scarcity 23 Jan
Carl Pope to Step Down as Sierra Club Chief 23 Jan
James Rupert writes: US Missile Attacks Kill 15 24 Jan
Jeffrey Tayler writes "Murderers in Mausoleums" 25 Jan
Read more stories from January 2009 and December 2008.

PCVs Evacuated from Georgia Date: August 19 2008 No: 1254 PCVs Evacuated from Georgia
The Peace Corps has announced that all Volunteers and trainees serving in the Republic of Georgia are safe and they have been temporarily relocated to neighboring Armenia. Read the analysis by one RPCV on how Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili believed that he could launch a lightning assault on South Ossetia and reclaim the republic without substantial grief from Moscow and that Saakashvili's statements once the war began demonstrated that he expected real Western help in confronting Russia.

What is Wrong at the US Embassy in Bolivia? Date: February 10 2008 No: 1227 What is Wrong at the US Embassy in Bolivia?
Last summer Peace Corps Inspector General David Kotz cited the lack of cooperation from the US embassy in Bolivia in the search for missing Peace Corps Volunteer Walter Poirier III. Now a member of the US Embassy Staff in Bolivia is accused of asking Peace Corps Volunteers "to basically spy" on Cubans and Venezuelans in the country. Could US Ambassador Philip S.Goldberg please explain what is going on at the embassy that he has been running in La Paz since 2006?

What is the greatest threat facing us now?  Date: September 12 2007 No: 1195 What is the greatest threat facing us now?
"People will say it's terrorism. But are there any terrorists in the world who can change the American way of life or our political system? No. Can they knock down a building? Yes. Can they kill somebody? Yes. But can they change us? No. Only we can change ourselves. So what is the great threat we are facing? I would approach this differently, in almost Marshall-like terms. What are the great opportunities out there - ones that we can take advantage of?" Read more.

Senator Dodd's Peace Corps Hearings Date: July 25 2007 No: 1178 Senator Dodd's Peace Corps Hearings
Read PCOL's executive summary of Senator Chris Dodd's hearings on July 25 on the Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act and why Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter does not believe the bill would contribute to an improved Peace Corps while four other RPCV witnesses do. Highlights of the hearings included Dodd's questioning of Tschetter on political meetings at Peace Corps Headquarters and the Inspector General's testimony on the re-opening of the Walter Poirier III investigation.

Paul Theroux: Peace Corps Writer Date: August 15 2007 No: 1185 Paul Theroux: Peace Corps Writer
Paul Theroux began by writing about the life he knew in Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. His first three novels are set in Africa and two of his later novels recast his Peace Corps tour as fiction. Read about how Theroux involved himself with rebel politicians, was expelled from Malawi, and how the Peace Corps tried to ruin him financially in John Coyne's analysis and appreciation of one of the greatest American writers of his generation (who also happens to be an RPCV).

Public diplomacy rests on sound public policy Date: June 10 2007 No: 1153 Public diplomacy rests on sound public policy
When President Kennedy spoke of "a long twilight struggle," and challenged the country to "ask not," he signaled that the Cold War was the challenge and framework defining US foreign policy. The current challenge is not a struggle against a totalitarian foe. It is not a battle against an enemy called "Islamofascism." From these false assumptions flow false choices, including the false choice between law enforcement and war. Instead, law enforcement and military force both must be essential instruments, along with diplomacy, including public diplomacy. But public diplomacy rests on policy, and to begin with, the policy must be sound. Read more.

Ambassador revokes clearance for PC Director Date: June 27 2007 No: 1166 Ambassador revokes clearance for PC Director
A post made on PCOL from volunteers in Tanzania alleges that Ambassador Retzer has acted improperly in revoking the country clearance of Country Director Christine Djondo. A statement from Peace Corps' Press Office says that the Peace Corps strongly disagrees with the ambassador’s decision. On June 8 the White House announced that Retzer is being replaced as Ambassador. Latest: Senator Dodd has placed a hold on Mark Green's nomination to be Ambassador to Tanzania.

Peace Corps Funnies Date: May 25 2007 No: 1135 Peace Corps Funnies
A PCV writing home? Our editor hard at work? Take a look at our Peace Corps Funnies and Peace Corps Cartoons and see why Peace Corps Volunteers say that sometimes a touch of levity can be one of the best ways of dealing with frustrations in the field. Read what RPCVs say about the lighter side of life in the Peace Corps and see why irreverent observations can often contain more than a grain of truth. We'll supply the photos. You supply the captions.

PCOL serves half million Date: May 1 2007 No: 1120 PCOL serves half million
PCOL's readership for April exceeded 525,000 visitors - a 50% increase over last year. This year also saw the advent of a new web site: Peace Corps News that together with the Peace Corps Library and History of the Peace Corps serve 17,000 RPCVs, Staff, and Friends of the Peace Corps every day. Thanks for making PCOL your source of news for the Peace Corps community. Read more.

Suspect confesses in murder of PCV Date: April 27 2007 No: 1109 Suspect confesses in murder of PCV
Search parties in the Philippines discovered the body of Peace Corps Volunteer Julia Campbell near Barangay Batad, Banaue town on April 17. Director Tschetter expressed his sorrow at learning the news. “Julia was a proud member of the Peace Corps family, and she contributed greatly to the lives of Filipino citizens in Donsol, Sorsogon, where she served,” he said. Latest: Suspect Juan Duntugan admits to killing Campbell. Leave your thoughts and condolences .

Warren Wiggins: Architect of the Peace Corps Date: April 15 2007 No: 1095 Warren Wiggins: Architect of the Peace Corps
Warren Wiggins, who died at 84 on April 13, became one of the architects of the Peace Corps in 1961 when his paper, "A Towering Task," landed in the lap of Sargent Shriver, just as Shriver was trying to figure out how to turn the Peace Corps into a working federal department. Shriver was electrified by the treatise, which urged the agency to act boldly. Read Mr. Wiggins' obituary and biography, take an opportunity to read the original document that shaped the Peace Corps' mission, and read John Coyne's special issue commemorating "A Towering Task."

He served with honor Date: September 12 2006 No: 983 He served with honor
One year ago, Staff Sgt. Robert J. Paul (RPCV Kenya) carried on an ongoing dialog on this website on the military and the peace corps and his role as a member of a Civil Affairs Team in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have just received a report that Sargeant Paul has been killed by a car bomb in Kabul. Words cannot express our feeling of loss for this tremendous injury to the entire RPCV community. Most of us didn't know him personally but we knew him from his words. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. He was one of ours and he served with honor.

Peace Corps' Screening and Medical Clearance Date: August 19 2006 No: 964 Peace Corps' Screening and Medical Clearance
The purpose of Peace Corps' screening and medical clearance process is to ensure safe accommodation for applicants and minimize undue risk exposure for volunteers to allow PCVS to complete their service without compromising their entry health status. To further these goals, PCOL has obtained a copy of the Peace Corps Screening Guidelines Manual through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and has posted it in the "Peace Corps Library." Applicants and Medical Professionals (especially those who have already served as volunteers) are urged to review the guidelines and leave their comments and suggestions. Then read the story of one RPCV's journey through medical screening and his suggestions for changes to the process.

Military Option sparks concerns Date: January 3 2006 No: 773 Military Option sparks concerns
The U.S. military, struggling to fill its voluntary ranks, is allowing recruits to meet part of their reserve military obligations after active duty by serving in the Peace Corps. Read why there is opposition to the program among RPCVs. Director Vasquez says the agency has a long history of accepting qualified applicants who are in inactive military status. John Coyne says "Not only no, but hell no!" and RPCV Chris Matthews leads the debate on "Hardball." Avi Spiegel says Peace Corps is not the place for soldiers while Coleman McCarthy says to Welcome Soldiers to the Peace Corps. Read our poll results. Latest: Congress passed a bill on December 22 including language to remove Peace Corps from the National Call to Service (NCS) military recruitment program

Why blurring the lines puts PCVs in danger Date: October 22 2005 No: 738 Why blurring the lines puts PCVs in danger
When the National Call to Service legislation was amended to include Peace Corps in December of 2002, this country had not yet invaded Iraq and was not in prolonged military engagement in the Middle East, as it is now. Read the story of how one volunteer spent three years in captivity from 1976 to 1980 as the hostage of a insurrection group in Colombia in Joanne Marie Roll's op-ed on why this legislation may put soldier/PCVs in the same kind of danger. Latest: Read the ongoing dialog on the subject.

Director Gaddi Vasquez:  The PCOL Interview Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview
PCOL sits down for an extended interview with Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez. Read the entire interview from start to finish and we promise you will learn something about the Peace Corps you didn't know before.

Plus the debate continues over Safety and Security.

Peace Corps Safety Issues Peace Corps Safety Issues
Are Assaults increasing for Peace Corps Volunteers? Read the complete series on Volunteer Safety and Security from the Dayton Daily News and the Peace Corps' Response to the Series. Then join RPCV discussions here, here, and here.

RPCVs remember the Peace Corps Fallen
PCVs who have died in the Peace Corps by Date, Country of Service, and Cause.

Best of PCOL

Peace Corps Online
...window on the world for RPCVs

Keeping Kennedy's Promise

RPCVs remember
...the Peace Corps Fallen

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Sarge's new biography
Read about the new biography of Peace Corps Founding Director Sargent Shriver, an interview with biographer Scott Stossel, and - did Ted Kennedy "knife" Shriver in '68?.

Thanksgiving in the Peace Corps
A band of idealists battles illness, disillusionment and homesickness in a foreign land. The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock? No, Peace Corps volunteers in Gabon. Also read about how to find turkeys in Tunisia and RPCVs who host Thanksgiving for African friends and for foreign students.

Teresa Heinz Kerry celebrates the PCV
Teresa Heinz Kerry celebrates the Peace Corps Volunteer as one of the best faces America has ever projected in a speech to the Democratic Convention. The National Review disagreed and said that Heinz's celebration of the PCV was "truly offensive." What's your opinion and who can come up with the funniest caption for our Current Events Funny?

Director Vasquez speaks out
Exclusive: Director Vasquez speaks out in an op-ed published exclusively on the web by Peace Corps Online saying the Dayton Daily News' portrayal of Peace Corps "doesn't jibe with facts."

American Taboo: A Peace Corps Murder
Read the story of Volunteer Deborah Gardner's murder in Tonga in 1976 and how her killer has been free for the past 28 years with the help of the Peace Corps. Read an excerpt from Philip Weiss' book documenting the murder and coverup. Then read an essay by RPCV Bob Shaconis who says that Peace Corps' treatment as a "sacred cow" has exempted it from public scrutiny and that the agency has labored to preserve its shining reputation, sometimes at the expense of the very principles it is supposed to embody.

NPCA endorses plan to Improve Governance
As requested by the Presidents' Forum last summer in Portland OR, the NPCA Board has studied ways to improve its performance by reducing the Board's size and changing its composition. On August 7, the President's Forum endorsed the plan and it will now be placed before the NPCA membership in the fall as an amendment to the Bylaws. Read the executive summary and the supporting material including NPCA's Challenges Today and Tomorrow and what RCPVs say about the changes, then leave your own comments.

Op-ed's by RPCVs:
Cops of the World is not a wise goal and Peace Corps must emphasize community development

Clash on the Five-Year Rule
Read our exclusive coverage of the Senate's Peace Corps Safety and Security Hearings and our editorial and statement to the Senate on a Critical Flaw in the Proposed Bill that would change the agency's Five-Year Rule.

Updates: Chicago, Reagan, Bolivia Investigation
Read our photo essay about the NPCA's August 5 convention in Chicago. Then read stories about the Peace Corps' appointment of an investigator in the case of missing Bolivia PCV Walter Poirier, and RPCVs remember Ronald Reagan.

Volunteer indicted under Sex Tourism Act
We previously reported on a volunteer whose killer has remained free for 28 years with the help of the Peace Corps. Now read about a volunteer who was indicted in June under the recently passed Sex Tourism Act.

"El Rey" says PCVs taught Cocaine Processing
While it may seem preposterous to many in the United States, it's a commonly held belief in Colombia that Peace Corps volunteers first taught Colombians how to process coca leaves into cocaine. Read about the making of the movie "El Rey," a Colombian film that recreates a little of these myths.

Can Peace Corps help fix US image?
Read the op-ed by an RPCV who says that he was proud to serve in 1962 when Kennedy first inaugurated the program and that he would gladly serve in a United Nations Peace Corps but that it has become very difficult to reconcile one's conscience with American government policy in the current political environment.

RPCV Fern Holland slain helping women in Iraq
Namibia RPCV Fern Holland was one of three NGO workers who were killed in Iraq in March when their car was forced off the road and machine-gunned. Read about why she went to Iraq to better the lives of women in the country.

More Feature Stories here

Latest Issues from PCOL Magazine

Jack Vaughn writes: Inbred Deer in the Fudge Factory
Read an insider's look at foreign policy as practiced in the Kennedy and Johnson White Houses and provides a revisionist history of our relations in Latin America from his unique vantage point as a senior official in the State Department and later as Director of the Peace Corps.

NPCA's Strategic Plan
Read the NPCA's Strategic Plan and our interview with NPCA President Kevin Quigley about how the NPCA is executing the plan. Read our first talk with with Kevin Quigley after he just took office

RPCV warns of terrorism
Read why RPCV Congressman Chris Shays says it is irresponsible for government officials to make people think they don't need to take precautions.

Recruiting Younger Volunteers
Peace Corps' new program to actively recruit Community College grads and why some RPCVs think it may not be a good idea.

"A Remarkable Success"
CNN runs a documentary that says Peace Corps is "a remarkable success."

Peace Corps signs agreement with Mexico
Read about the historical agreement the Peace Corps has signed to send PCVs to Mexico.

A Volunteer reflects back on service in Turkey
One of the common characteristics of aging is to sweeten the memories of youth. The further away I get from my Peace Corps experience, the more I want to refresh that experience.

Colombia in Kabul
Director Schneider says that unless adequate numbers and the right categories of troops, arms and rules of engagement are made available, Afghanistan will fail and a corrupt narco-state, will once again be a base for terrorism.

RPCV Congressmen oppose Iraq Aid Bill
Three RPCV Congressmen voted against the $87 Billion Iraq Aid Bill - what were their reasons.

The Shrivers and Schwarzenegger's election
The Shrivers played a key role in Schwarzenegger's California election victory. Read what they did to help and read what Arnold says about his father-in-law, Sargent Shriver.

Peace Corps starts new Ad Campaign
Read about Peace Corps' new campaign to increase recruitment and take a look at their Web Site makeover.

USAID plagued by Staffing Problems
RPCV Congressman Chris Shays found critical shortfalls at USAID. What were they?

A Remembrance of Paul Conklin
Paul Conklin was the first official Peace Corps Photographer. Read a remembrance by Brent Ashabranner and see an exhibition of his work.

more top stories...

Feature Stories from Recent Issues of PCOL

Which direction for the NPCA?
Read three different views on where the NPCA is headed: First our interview with NPCA President Kevin Quigley, then John Coyne's Modest Proposal for the NPCA, and finally our story on changes in NPCA's bylaws that some RPCVs have proposed.

Does Bush really support the Peace Corps?
What is the substance behind the President's rhetoric of support for the Peace Corps?

RPCVs honor Jack Vaughn
Returned Volunteers met to honor and listen to the wisdom of Peace Corps legend Jack Vaughn. Then read the excerpt from his autobiography on the failure of the Alliance for Progress.

The Art of Being Globally Thrifty
Read Terez Rose's essay about one of the lessons she learned while in Africa - how to be patient and weather the storm of challenging times with dignity and grace.

Cultural Representation and the Peace Corps Museum
The Peace Corps Museum can be a place where cultures are respected with dignity, stories are told and where we can come together as a community.

House of Representatives passes Charter
The Peace Corps and the Returned Volunteer community celebrated a big victory when the "Peace Corps Act for the 21st Century" Act passed the House in July. Read what's next for the bill..

Investigation on death of PCV in Mali
The results of the investigation into the death of PCV Zachary Merrill in Mali.

President Bush meets PCVs in Botswana
The President met with PCVs in Botswana. Here's what he said.

Issues with the Peace Corps Bill in Congress
Read about the differences between the House and Senate versions of the "Peace Corps Act for the 21st Century" and decide which one is better.

Americorps' Failure
Lessons the Peace Corps can learn from Americorps' problems.

Bush creates "Volunteers for Prosperity"
President Bush has signed an executive order creating a new "Volunteers for Prosperity" program. Why can't he fully fund the Peace Corps?

RPCV is wheelchair basketball champion
The courage of a volunteer struck down by polio in Central America.

German Peace Corps celebrates 40 years
The governance structure of the German Peace Corps differs from that of the US Peace Corps. Is it better?.

RPCVs dump ton of coal at US Capital
Read about RPCV Mike Tidwell's new book on environmental issues in the Cajun bayou and about the ton of coal his Chesapeake Climate Action Network dumped at the US Capital to educate the public on Global Warming.

Peace Corps TV Show
Last year Fox network created a pilot for a tv show about a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Although the show wasn't picked up, read RPCVs' many humourous suggestions for the title.

The Digital Freedom Initiative
The innovative new program to wire Senegal.

The Three Faces America shows the World
The Peace Corps, the Multinationals, the Military, and the sense that lately the balance has gone wrong.

"Unilateralism inspires distrust"
Former Peace Corps Director Mark Schneider says Bush's unilateral approach to foreign policy has inspired distrust in the world. Read why.

more top stories...

 Deborah Gardner and Dennis Priven A Peace Corps Tragedy
Returned Volunteers met with author Philip Weiss to discuss the murder of Peace Corps Volunteer Deborah Gardner. Weiss was a member of a panel that included three psychiatrists and a criminal attorney. Meanwhile, the Seattle U.S. Attorney's office announced that Dennis Priven cannot be retried for the murder. Read background on the case here.

Are Rapes and Assaults increasing against PCVs? Read the entire series by the Dayton Daily News on assaults in the Peace Corps and why they are rising. Then what RPCVs say about the series

Remember with Honor
Read about one PCV's three years of captivity and how his name should be remembered with honor.

Improvements needed Volunteer services. Read our exclusive story on what needs to be done to support volunteers and reduce attrition rates.

Tony Hall speaks out
Read what this RPCV says about the Dayton series, what needs to be done, why the Peace Corps may need an Ombudsman, and why the next director should be a Returned Volunteer.

Peace Corps census at Record High
The Peace Corps census is at the highest level in almost 30 years. Read our analysis of what this means and about concerns about maintaining the quality of programs and the volunteer experience and about changes in recruitment that the Peace Corps is taking to reach this level. Latest: Peace Corps admits Bush's 2007 expansion goal is unattainable.

Promises not Kept
Promises not funded are promises not kept.

The Vasquez Resignation
First he announced his resignation then did an about face. Read what RPCVs had to say. Latest: Does Vasquez plan to run for OC Sheriff?

Watch Director Vasquez on web tv
See the Peace Corps Director speak to High School students in Maryland.

Omnibus Bill passes
An update to our story on the bill with a 10% increase in Peace Corps funding. Congratulations Peace Corps. Thanks RPCVs.

Peace Corps Budget Victory
Read how RPCVs helped lobby to get Peace Corps their highest level of funding in history.

Sen. Norm Coleman is a strong supporter of Bush's full $359M budget request but wants greater accountability from the Peace Corps.

Send in the Peace Corps?
Should the Peace Corps be heading into Iraq and Afghanistan? What do you think?

Glimpses of Afghanistan
Read this memoir of a Country Director in Afghanistan in the 1960's then read about an RPCV working in Afghanistan today.

Volunteer Safety
Read the GAO Report on Safety and Security of Volunteers.

The Fourth Goal
Sargent Shriver's Fourth Goal for the Peace Corps and his call for an enterprise that is vastly improved, expanded, and profoundly deeper.

Peace Corps Charter
Read about the new Peace Corps bill going through Congress. Compare the Senate and House versions of the bill here.

The Numbers Game
Double the Peace Corps - but maintain the quality of the programs and the volunteer experience.

The Shrivers: A Special Legacy
The Founding Director of the Peace Corps and his future plans.

A Volunteer's Courage
After Sara Evans was assaulted she left the Peace Corps and returned to the United States. But her ordeal was only beginning.

Alcohol Abuse a big issue for PCVs in Central Asia
Read about the health hazard PC Staff is warning volunteers in former Soviet Republics about.

Peace Corps to add 1,000 AIDS/HIV volunteers
Director Vasquez's new initiative to expand the Peace Corps in Africa.

Protest at Peace Corps
Do volunteers and staff retain first amendment rights while working in the Peace Corps? Join the discussion.

RPCVs organize
Read how 1,800 RPCVs organized to place two half-page ads in the New York Times. Here's the email that got it started, how they met their goal and the ad as it ran.

PCVs honor Royal Marines
The Friends of Malaysia honor the Royal Marines who saved a Peace Corps Volunteer from terrorists in 1962.

Children of Kennedy
Do you remember when - and why - Peace Corps Volunteers were called "the children of Kennedy?"

Return of the aged hippies
Read the proposal for Senior Volunteers that Niger Country Director Jim Bullington proposed in American Diplomacy.

A Modest Proposal
Read the op-ed by John Coyne on how to expand and revitalize the NPCA and what you can do to help.

Become a Peace Corps Advocate
Join the NPCA's nationwide network of RPCVs who will lobby Senators and Congressmen on behalf of Peace Corps legislation.

From Russia with Love
The story behind the departure of the Peace Corps from Russia.

RPCV Spy dies in Moscow
The strange story of the RPCV who defected to Russia.

The IDPA: PC Forerunner
The IDPA, a forerunner of the Peace Corps, created in 1951 to place people with indigenous organizations and governments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Guess how many RPCVs are in the top 21 staff positions (political appointees) at PC Headquarters.

George and Jack
RPCV Chris Matthews talks about the parallels between JFK and President George W. Bush including the strong support of both Presidents of the Peace Corps.

JFK's Character
Read this op-ed on the pain and suffering that forged JFK's character.

The Lariam Files
Read about the anti-malarial drug thousands of volunteers have taken - and its potential side effects.

Winning the Hearts and Minds?
Collin Tong led the RPCV effort to place two anti-war ads in the New York Times. Now read his op-ed about the situation in Iraq today.

Peace Corps opens Career Centers
Last year RPCVs asked Peace Corps to reconsider the rule limiting the usage of Peace Corps Career Centers to only 1 year after Completion of Service. Here's what happened

PC is "truly hardcore"
A Marine Sergeant visited his daughter who is serving in Nicaragua. Read what he says about the Peace Corps.

Bill Moyers on America's Future
Read what an early Peace Corps Deputy Director says about America's future.

Memorial to Fallen Volunteers
Families create an Internet web site with a Memorial to Fallen Volunteers.

Peace Corps and the Environment
Read what a former Peace Corps Deputy Director says about global warming and what RPCVs are doing about the environment.

Op-ed: The Future of the Peace Corps
Does the Peace Corps have a future in the age of the American Imperium? What do you think?

The Case for Peace Corps Independence
Why the USA Freedom Corps doesn't make sense by former Peace Corps Deputy Director David Searles.

Preservation of an Independent Peace Corps
Returned Volunteers insist that the Peace Corps must remain an independent agency to do its job.

New Posts

Belize: Lon Henderson writes: Got into construction, then real estate, and home inspections. I live on the eastern plains of Colorado. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: At first... Read more...

Cameroon: Mark Anthony White writes: Life after Peace Corps has been great. development, wars, peace..... Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: It all started with Peace Corps Read more...

Cameroon: Carol Vieth writes: Worked 5 years as a PC recruiter out of San Francisco Area Office. Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps: Married, two kids, two cats... Read more...

Central African Republic: Herb Leedy writes: I'm a marine biologist with the Federal government since 1996. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: This past year's anniversary celebrations rekindled my interest and... Read more...

Costa Rica: Martha Munn Camacho writes: Married a Costa Rican, returned to North Carolina. Still married for 36 years. Registered Dietitian Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: Wonderful experience Anyone you... Read more...

El Salvador: China Dickerson writes: In law school at Howard University School of Law Read more...

Honduras: Raymond W Waldron writes: USAID Development Officer, 1977-2007, in Sudan, Niger, Peru, WashDC, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Egypt, Honduras, and Ecuador. Currently consulting in Haiti, Mali, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Guatemala. Any thoughts you... Read more...

Malawi: John Edens writes: Living in East Texas. Working on becoming a subsistence gardener. Anyone you are looking for or would like to hear from?: everyone Read more...

Malaysia: Edward Chip Tilton writes: Returned toCalifornai State University at Los Angeles for BS and Secondary ed teaching Credential. taught briefly in the LA unified School distric Linclon HS, East LA. Went into business.sold out... Read more...

Philippines: Tim Hynes writes: Created seafarming project consisting of raising oysters & mussels-Masinloc Coral reef Surveys- Cebu Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps: San diego Wife and 2... Read more...

Senegal: William Curtis Mitchell writes: I got a Masters Degree in TEFL at Ball State University. I worked in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. More recently, I was in Iraq on teacher... Read more...

Ukraine: Julia Johansen writes: After Peace Corps I started working as a teacher trainer in Korea. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: I cherish my time in Peace Corps... Read more...

Uruguay: Carl N Blue writes: Presently an Associate Professor of Technology @ University of Southern Maine Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: I'd do it again. Anyone you are looking for... Read more...

Nigeria: Mark Delancey writes: Looking for Sloan Duggan, RPCV. Mark DeLancey, RPCV Nigeria 1962-64 at Read more...

Nepal: Mani Bhattarai writes: For Jeffrey Bates, who served a PCV in Nepal from 1989-1993. Hi Jeff, You were a math trainer in Bajura, but you also taught English in Kathmandu. I am on... Read more...

Liberia: Augustus Erskine writes: Where in the world is Ms. Rozlyn M. Waters Read more...

Malaysia: Annie Joseph writes: looking for dick green taught in pengkalan chepa kota bharu at vocational school Read more...

Standard Rejection Letter: Anonymous writes: I agree. I fluently speak 3 languages and have an ability to quickly pick up new ones. I have extensive international experience and great references from working in different countries... Read more...

Sierra Leone: Peter Mukasa writes: I m mukasa peter l am looking for my friends Neil Winter and Bill Graham who worked in VSO in Uganda in the 1980s Read more...

Philippines: Carmela Sagge Durias writes: Hi! My name is Carmela Sagge Durias, a native of San joaquin, Iloilo Philippines. I'm glad to find Linda Cover but where are the rest, Helen Henry, Bob Miller and... Read more...

Philippines: Lynderle Lim Pineda writes: Hi, my name is Lynderle and i am trying to reconnect with a peace corps volunteer that once stayed with us in Tagbilaran City. Her name is Michelle ( Berke?) If... Read more...

Thailand: Peter Laramee writes: I continue to live in Thailand. I am now retired from business life and am devoting much of my free time to HIV+ people and groups to market the very... Read more...

Malaysia: Mahathevan Krishna writes: My name is Mahathevan Krishnasamy ( 60 yrs old ) studied in Tunku Besar Secondary School ( year 1967 ) TAMPIN,NEGRI SEMBILAN,MALAYSIA. Looking for my American Peace Corp teacher Mr. William Bill... Read more...

Madagascar: Rick Alan Kennedy writes: I had the pleasure of working with Nancy her 1st season at Hopkinton Lake during the summer of 1992 as a Park Ranger in Elm Brook Park at the Hopkinton-Everett Lake Project, Contoocook, NH. I have always deeply regretted that world events prevented me from gong back the next season to work with here again. She had a special way with people & kids. She was loved and enjoyed by all who knew here. It... Read more...

Malaysia: Lynne Kornfeld writes: Hi - looking for old friends from Malaysia 12 & 13 who were stationed in Muar, Johore, Malaysia Fomerly - Lynne Kornfeld - Muar 1965-1967 Read more...

Colombia: Chance Dorland writes: I was living just south of Iowa City and now I'm part of the new Teaching English For Livelihoods group in Colombia (1st in 30 years). We have an audio... Read more...

Latvia: Edvardas.janavicius@ writes: Dear Heather, Edvardas Janavicius, your former "boss" is looking for any contact. I am proud of being your "colleague" at nearby Pakrazantis secondary school. I graduated from Siauliai pedagogic University... Read more...

Costa Rica: Anita Vestal writes: I am spending the winter of 2012 (Dec to April) in Perez Zeledon and would love to meet some PCV's in Costa Rica. I am a mediator and an instructor... Read more...

Malawi: Jim Brown writes: Hey John- I'm glad to hear that you are moving forward with your Peace Corps interests in balancing economic development and environmental conservation. It's exciting to hear that you are... Read more...

Philippines: Ed Gavin writes: A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from a name I didn't immediately recognize. To cut to the chase, within a week and a half my wife... Read more...

Belize: Neal Hammond writes: Food Technologist developed new food products. Lived eight years in Honduras. Inventor on 10 patents. Started a company, RIBUS, in 1992 Read more...

Brazil: Edmund Crotty writes: community development education cooperatives Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps: human services/ policy advocacy/ community organization/ non-profit agencies Any thoughts you have now... Read more...

Careers: Elwood Wells writes: I just retired after teaching 40 years. My first two years were in Peace Corps. I can't say it was positive or negative. Many districts only give you one years... Read more...

Congo Kinshasa: Elise Marie Larose writes: Public Health Volunteer--Work with rural clinic nurses based at a central hospital in Tshela. Also, trained elementary school teachers in health education my second year. In addition, during my... Read more...

Criticism: Radu Sadeanu writes: why is it that people from western countries are always in foreign lands trying to sabatoge and destabilise Read more...

Fiji: Elwood Wells writes: I taught two years in Jamaica and two years in Grand Cayman on local contract. Soon to retire after 41 years teaching so far. This is my 35th year teaching... Read more...

Fiji: Elwood Wells writes: I just retired and with the social networks I am trying to find any of the people I started teaching with in Fiji in 1970 Read more...

Guatemala: Sheryl Neckritz writes: Lived 5 years in Barcelona teaching English, am presently working as a dental hygienist, am married with a 12-year-old daughter Anyone you are looking for or would like... Read more...

Guatemala: David Paul Shaw writes: Taught in Taiwan and Mexico,worked in Costa Rica,currently teaching high school in Michigan Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: Great times! Anyone you... Read more...

Honduras: Richard Paul Stephens writes: Rural Primary Education- school construction. PCV 1980-82, USAID PSC 1982-85 Other Countries you served in, Training Group Name Arrival Year, Departure Year, Work Description: Purkon & Gohardasht Iran 1972-1974- Ministry of... Read more...

Kenya: Solomon Menye writes: I am looking for RPCVs Steven Franzen and John MacAbe who taught at Torongo Secondary School between 1982 - 1985. MacAbe came from St. Paul. They should know I am studying... Read more...

Kenya: Solomon Menye writes: I am looking for RPCVs Steven Franzen and John MacAbe who taught at Torongo Secondary School between 1982 - 1985. MacAbe came from St. Paul. They should know I am studying... Read more...

Liberia: Larry Dominguez writes: Currently chief founder and President of non-profit Ecologists Without Borders Prior 22+ years working with state and federal science teams including National Marine Fisheries Service, WA Dept. of... Read more...

Malawi: Kelly Orr writes: Register Nurse (BSN) in 1996, MS-Family Nurse Practitioner in 2003, Master of Public Health (MPH) in 2010. Work in Public Health Nursing and taught Nursing at Univ. of Colorado... Read more...

Niger: James Geffken writes: My Peace Corps experience changed my perspective on life, family, charity and value Read more...

Nigeria: Robert Bogdan writes: I taught for 35 years at Syracuse University. Janet and I are retired and living in rural Vermont. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: It... Read more...

Peasants Come Last: Carmen Nadine Bailey writes: When Larry Brown gets through with his stunning revelations to the public, that is, putting facts into a credible and needed book, there is still my website to be contended... Read more...

Somalia: Wayne Springer writes: PhD in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley. Thirty years in research and safety at VA San Diego Healthcare system. Widowed with two children. Any thoughts you have now looking back on... Read more...

Thailand: Pete Coombs writes: Went up to Laos where I served as the director of the Lao-American Association's branch in Luang Prabang until March, 1975. Returned to Thailand as a TEFL teacher at... Read more...

Togo: Rebecca (Sauer) Hoffman writes: Trained and served with the best fish class ever from McClellansville South Carolina, Pagala, post and beyond. Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps: Americorps... Read more...

Zimbabwe: Donna Lebrun writes: Not a day goes by without thoughts of Zim. I loved my time in Zim- my friends and work colleagues, the "GWAPA Girls", and my extended family in Zimbabwe Read more...

Tuvalu: Norm Sanson writes: Hello Roy Foster. Sorry to hear we have lost Cindy. Have been trying for years to track down some of you guys, just found the correct website. I'm still flying... Read more...

Malawi: Daniel Chuma Mphande writes: Im looking for a teacher who was at Likoma secondary school by the name of Jason Smith,that was around 1986. My name is Daniel Chuma Mphande.He was my English... Read more...

Liberia: Sean Larkin writes: Hello, My name is Sean Larkin. I am an immigration attorney and former Peace Corps volunteer. I am looking for an RPCV from Liberia who can discuss issues concerning police... Read more...

Tanzania: John Chisler writes: Chris. What is your new email? I am living in Kigali, Rwanda right now Read more...

Kenya: Sophy Wamalwa writes: My name is Sophy Wamalwa from Kenya.My email address is looking for Keith Stewart.He worked in Kenya from 2006-2008 and was stationed at Namanga border.He was from USA... Read more...

Tuvalu: Norm Sanson writes: Trying to trace Rich McBride, PCV Tuvalu 1981/83 I was a pilot working in the area, and lost touch. Last heard of in Bend, Oregon. Would much appreciate any feedback... Read more...

Ghana: Roger Donley writes: Robert was the first person I knew who died. I didn't really know him, but I saw them put him in the helicopter to evacuate him. My dad worked at... Read more...

Uganda: Jeff Strate writes: I have posted photos of the Bukuumi area and the 1967 St. Edward's Secondary School Magazine at Read more...

Kenya: Stevenwisecarver writes: David, I'm currently serving as CD for Kenya and am trying to put together a 50 year retrospective on the program here (actually 47th for Kenya). The land resettlement Vols... Read more...

Nepal: Shambhu Man Singh writes: Searching for the email address or the facebook of Vicki Watkins Who taught me in a school In Tansen,Nepal Read more...

Poland: Tammy Gray writes: I am trying to contact a Dr. Gardocki (Peter ) who served in Poland around 1994. He was a medical doctor Read more...

Poland: Tammy Gray writes: Does anyone know a Dr. Peter Gardocki who was in the PCorps in 1994 in Poland Read more...

Dominican Republic: Robbie Jackson writes: looking for PC volunteer Matt Pope who served with LEAP Foundation as translator/asst at hospital Elias Santana 1994-1995 Read more...


Colombia: Joanne Roll writes: Rebekah, As I understand it, the first group to re-enter Colombia consisted of people who had served in the Peace Corps. It was their job to initiate the re... Read more...

Dominican Republic: John Turnbull writes: DR Volunteers, The founding country director of the Peace Corps project in the Dominican Republic in 1962, Andres Hernandez, has died at his home at Santa Rosa, New Mexico, at... Read more...

India: Premnath Alva writes: Happy deepavali (festival of lights)to all my friends of india 29 may God be with you where ever you are. cheers premnath alva Read more...

Jordan: Americas Unofficial writes: Any RPCVs interested in a short-term volunteer opportunity in Jordan? The America's Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) program at Creative Learning is dedicated to expanding and supporting private American citizens' service... Read more...

Peru: Angel Beth writes: hi my name is sandra 17 years old i´m from peru and i really like help all the needing people around the world plis i´m be very thankful... Read more...

Cyprus: William M. Turner writes: Richard. I have found Donald Supkow. Bill Anderson passed away in March 2008. Still looking for Donald Hutton Read more...

Sierra Leone: William M. Turner writes: Looking for Donald H. Hutton from the Cyprus 1 (62-64) Peace Corps Project Graduate of Bethany College, Bethany West Virginia. Don would be 76 today Read more...

Morocco: Helaine N. Cunningham writes: new email address

Fiji: Sudhendra Pratap writes: I am looking for Alyson Jones . She was in Ba around 85 to 89 . She taught at A D Patel high school Read more...

Hungary: Jack White writes: Jack White-- Hungary 7 -- ( Don Hulub-Email Me Read more...

Tanzania: Susan Morrow Parkins writes: Mark Raymaker could not have died in March of 1968 in Tanzania. I was in the Peace Corps in Tanzania and actually working on the same immunization project during a... Read more...

Honduras: Betsy Carr writes: Trying to remember the name of the country director in the late 80s.. My experience was tainted by his continual stonewalling of any project I initiated. If anybody remembers his... Read more...

Botswana: Ronda Crist writes: I am looking for Cris Conrad. She joined the peace corp in late 80's early 90's. She was stationed near Botswana. After her term of service, she stayed... Read more...

Fiji: Racheal writes: Hi Im looking for a man called James who served as a Secondary Schhol teacher sometimes in 1977 in Wainibuka Junior Secondary School,Nayavu,tailevu,Fiji Islands Read more...

Fiji: Racheal Liku writes: HI did you ever serve in Wainibuka, Tailevu Fiji Islands Read more...

Rwanda: John Braun writes: I am leading a work camp group to help with construction of a kitchen & dining room on the THARS Training Campus, Gitega. THARS (Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services) is a... Read more...

Swaziland: Daniel Kreuzer writes: Looking for Ray O'connell who served in the 1990's or 2000's. Settled in FLA? Dan Kreuzer rpcv 73-74 Read more...

Cameroon: Tala Linus writes: I am trying to get in touch with Mary Malmquist and Jean Smith - Peace Corp Volunteers who both served in Bamenda-Cameroon (in Tecaher Training) some time between 1984 - 1989 Read more...

Cameroon: Tala Linus writes: I am trying to get in touch with Mary Malmquist and Jean Smith RPCV. Served in Bamenda-Cameroon in Education some time between 1983 - 1988 Read more...

Colombia: Joanne Roll writes: Claudine J. Jackson (maiden name) served in Colombia in 63-64 as a member of Colombia XI. We are all looking for her. Please contact Joanne Roll Read more...

Korea: Michael Kitay writes: Persons who served between 1965-67 are invited to an 8:00pm reception in NorthWest Washington DC on September 24th. The address is 2944 Garfield Terrace- a 7 minute walk from the... Read more...


Tanzania: Carol Word writes: Chris. What is your new email? I am living in Kigali, Rwanda right now Read more...

Costa Rica: Liz Mathieu writes: This is Liz Mathieu and I've looking for Arthur James Mathieu for a couple of years. I would very much like to reconnect. If nothing else just to tell him... Read more...

Fiji: John Bland writes: While I was not in the Peace Corp in Fiji, I was living there from 1988 - 1998. Trying to contact old friends Stewart Patterson, Rick ??? who went from Peace Corp... Read more...

Guatemala: David Paul Shaw writes: Anybody RPCV's from Guatemala 88-90 heard from Tom Faust? Thanks for your help Read more...

Jamaica: Delia Webb writes: i am trying to locate Jennifer Simmons who visited Jamaica as a peace corp volunteer about ten years ago. she resided with our family Read more...

Philippines: Elyn T. Gulle writes: my brother, Cel Agusti Gulle, requested me to post a note for Mr. Larry Gerber,peacecorp volunteer, from Orangedale, California, who was assigned in General Santos City, Philippines sometime in... Read more...

Colombia: Emiro Patarroyo Gama writes: Quisiera saber los nombres y las fechas de los voluntarios de los cuerpos de paz que estuvieron en Firavitoba (Boyaca, Colombia). y si fuera posible, el e-mail de alguno... Read more...

Making Peace with the World: Richard Sitler writes: Order Making Peace with the World, a commemorative book celebrating the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps, at Other Places Publishing: A portion of publisher proceeds from this... Read more...

Poland: Cindee Jackson writes: I am an RPCV Nicaragua. But am looking for an RPCV Poland from 1991-2. I have met a student of hers and would love to find her for him. She... Read more...

Tanzania: John Chisler writes: Looking for Michael Boggs, ex roommate in Kahama with Tanzania Nine. Mike, I am living in Kigali, Rwanda right now, just a day's bus ride from Kahama. Leve a note... Read more...

Belize: Belize47 writes: TO PEACE CORPS Hi my name is Bernard I need some help. Where do I buy quiroa seed.I live in Paraiso Village Belize Read more...

Cameroon: Johanna Pascual writes: Faythe M. Hanna (Sanford) Hi, my name is Johana Pascual, i was a neighbour of your parents, and i am trying to get in touch with you. I live in... Read more...

Medical Question: Elizabeth A writes: I just applied to the Peace Corp. About 25 years ago I suffered from situational depression and was hospitalized. In the interest of honesty, I disclosed this. I never expected... Read more...

Belize: Thomas Juring writes: Beekeeper with Min. of Ag. My PC experience changed my life's direction. Anyone you are looking for or would like to hear from?: Jeff Hillard, Jon Riggs, anyone who was... Read more...

Brazil: Jim Newberg writes: 37 Career with electrical cooperatives. Worked from 1992-1994 in Bolivia SA and three short stints in years following in Guatemala and Bolivia. Any thoughts you have now looking back on... Read more...

Cameroon: Hobby Thompson writes: Married 42 years, 2 kids,4 grand kids, Now living in New Zealand. Had a wonderful life. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: It changed... Read more...

Chile: Nancy Tongue writes: I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer who became chronically sick from my overseas service. There are many others out there in my situation who have had no one to... Read more...

Chile: Charles William Smith, Jr. writes: INDAP in Melipilla living in a co op calle Carmen Bajo. Then moved into Santiago and worked in SAG's Communications Division. We produced how-to pamphlets for farmers, including planting... Read more...

Colombia: Raymond Paul Murphy writes: Graduate degrees, Indiana & New Mexico. Taught at Arizona State. Technical editor in DC. Retired in Carlisle, PA. Opened my eyes to the world. Anyone you are looking for or would... Read more...

Costa Rica: Cameron Cowell writes: Worked with SINART and their public television network, Canal 13, in developing documentary films on the country's natural sites, (rain & tropical forest, wild life, etc.). Bring us up to date... Read more...

Dominican Republic: Dianne Brause writes: Helped set up the new Family Planning program under the Dept of Public Health's Child and Maternal Health Division. Established clinic in Puerto Plata and worked in clinic in San... Read more...

Fiji: Jim Kelsey writes: Energy efficiency engineer / consulting Anyone you are looking for or would like to hear from?: All my group members Any message for returned volunteers?: Find Fiji 62 on facebook Read more...

India: Dale Stanton writes: My father retired from Goodwill Industries, after serving them for 30 years and completing their executive training program upon return from the Peace Corp Any thoughts you have now looking... Read more...

Libya: Eric Mjolsnes writes: Since 1969, my wife, Linda, and we have devoted ourselves to building a private Montessori in Bloomington,Indiana, first together in the preschool and then separately as I moved up... Read more...

Malaysia: Kevin O'grady writes: Persatuan Peladang. International consulting for a few years; law school; 21 years as a business litigator. Married 32 years. Now retired and elected to City Council, Wilmington, NC Read more...

Malaysia: Gerald Calvin Wheelock writes: Instructor: Agricultural Training Center. Junior and Senior Agriculture Officers (Form 6 Zoology in preparation for Oversees Cambridge Exam Read more...

Micronesia: Douglas Smith writes: Elementary Replacement Teacher first year; English Teacher at middle school; Lived in San Francisco since 1983; currently a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with a Masters in Counseling. Any thoughts you have... Read more...

Morocco: Jean Emery Hickey writes: Lived and worked in D.C., Botswana, Vermont and now settled in D.C. area. Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?: Amazing experience Anyone you are looking... Read more...

Nepal: Janice Redenbarger writes: Moved to CO with husband, Jim. Worked as enviromental chemist. Have 2 grown children, son 27, daughter 22. Lived in Vancouver, BC and California, but have returned to Colorado. Returned... Read more...

Philippines: William Steve Albrecht writes: Municipal planning, library development, water wells Read more...

Philippines: Richard C Schneider writes: teaching rice production with the Pinatubo Aetas in the province of Zambales. served a second tour in the Philippines, group 69, developing a national park system (arrived in 1972 & departed... Read more...

Samoa: Erin Riley writes: I was just 10 yrs. old when my family arrived in Samoa for what was an experience of a lifetime ! My Dad was Dr. L Riley and he has passed... Read more...

Senegal: Ruth Constance Mentley writes: Senegal RPCV planners would make the 50th Celebration in Washington more meaningful by publicizing plans for get togethers with Senegal PC and country attendees. Where would you meet? What issues... Read more...

Sierra Leone: Shirley M. Thacker writes: Worked in rice culture and help women develop their kitchen gardens. Taught in Bumbuna agriculture science. Married for thirteen years. No children. Work at the University of Penna Good Shepherd... Read more...

Swaziland: Ricardo Dellera writes: Passed away in 2005 after several years as very successful wood artisan in Hawaii. Contact Dan Kreuzer at above e-mail for more info Read more...

Swaziland: John Nilsson writes: 25 years as an elementary teacher in Detroit. Married for the 3rd time: 17 years now. Daughter, Sarah (31); Sons Kazia (27) and Lee (24)Spend a lot of time... Read more...

Tanzania: Godfrey Michael Haul writes: am impress with your work, i would like to volunteer, am a university student taking geography and environmental studies Read more...

Suriname: Maya Jong A Hon writes: Dear Jayne and Bill, Unfortunately we lost your emailaddress. Please contact us. Maya Jong A Hon Armand Saliminschool, Commewijne, Suriname Read more...

Ghana: Michael Ad. writes: Now, i have found you. David Schneider's E-mail has changed. Still in Las Vegas, looking for work either teaching physics or mathematics, or in the quality assurance area Read more...

Ghana: Michael Addae writes: Looking for Mr. David W.Schnider who served at the Wenchi Secondary School(Ghana) between 1970-73 Read more...

Malaysia: Sarunathrin Nair writes: Hi Mike, I have not heard from you since you moved to your new home in US. I guess you are retired now. It was your son who stumbled on... Read more...

Venezuela: William Rodney Napie writes: After many years of not really thinking about the Peace Corps and those I served with I decided to play with the computer to see if I could turn up... Read more...

Venezuela: Rod Napier writes: I served in Barinas, 1963-64 , teaching PE in O'Leary High School and in Moron, 1964-65 establishing a YMCA. I worked with a Steve Knabel, a graduate of Stanford U. Steve... Read more...

Uzbekistan: Abror Gafurbekov writes: I think I remember Kenley. He used to live in my neighbor's apartment in the center of Tashkent. Nice to see you again, buddy Read more...

El Salvador: Patricia Argueta writes: Hi Mr Dean Jefferson, this is Patricia Argueta, Jose Ismael Argueta Peña daugther (From El Salvador). I{v been looking for you many years ago, but anyone give me information... Read more...

ESL Tutor Guide: Kimberly Fujioka writes: I lived/worked abroad for 6 years. I am a linguist and wrote an ESL Tutor Guide designed to help volunteers in working with international people, especially in the Peace... Read more...

Ecuador: Ardis Adrian writes: David Hinze served in fisheries in Ecuador 1979-1981. Old friends are trying to reconnect as the DC 50th celebration gets under way. Dollye, John and Ardis will be there. We... Read more...

Honduras: Paul Villarreal writes: Paul(Hector) Villarreal I trained Arecibo in 1967. Living in TN. Remember friends like Harry Begood, Darryl Paul who lives in CA. Jack Riehl lives in NC. Howard Mays lives... Read more...


India: Greg Mason writes: I'm looking for Lynne, Albion College alumnus and long-time friend of Jim Cook. greg mason, '66 Read more...

Venezuela: Froome Gayle writes: JUST TRYING TO CONNECT WITH ANY VENEZUELA VOLUNTEERS FROM 1970-72 Read more...


Arab American National Museum: Liz Skene writes: The Arab American National Museum (Smithsonian-affiliated) is looking for stories from Arab American RPCVs for our major exhibit, "Patriots and Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to our Country". If... Read more...

Namibia: Pandu Nghiueuelekwa writes: Lisa Bunce Enslin - We used to call you by our surname because you stayed in our house in Ohalushu. Where are you? Please contact me., os skype... Read more...

India: Irv Mcgeachy writes: I was in Pukuria during that time frame and received money to build the school. Visited school Dec 2010 and they added a two story structure to existing one story... Read more...

Iran: Kerry Segel writes: Looking for Iran TEFL 1969 volunteers: Planning newsletter and possible reunion. The Peace Corps Iran reunion at Portland OR was outstanding! From TEFL Brattleboro group Matt Beha, Pat Cathcart, Sally... Read more...


India: Karen Longeteig writes: Paul -- you live! What good news. Contact me at If you didn't get this picture, I can help you with another one. Karen (Willeke) Longeteig Read more...

Peace Corps Fund: Barbara Ferris writes: Peace Corps Fund is hosting a "Fabulous Raffle" in concert with the 3rd Goal Bash. The GRAND PRIZE is 2 round trip tickets on Delta and a 1 week hotel... Read more...

Korea: Gary Hedrick writes: for any Korea XPCVs that may be interested, there is a Korea XPCV group on Facebook with 130 or so members. a great place to contact other Korea XPCVs Read more...

Malaysia: Nooros61 writes: TQ for the info shared and i am interested to get some information on this particular issue" A guy nam Mr Dhobi an estate manager in Papar during the period... Read more...

Samoa: Chris Malo Slade writes: IM looking for Andrew Mitchell was teaching at Leififi Intermidiate in Apia Around 1968-1971 It would be nice to meet up with him again he lived with my family in... Read more...

Malaysia: Ahmad Nasir writes: I am looking to contact a PCV Physics Teacher named Ms Daphne who served in Sekolah Menengah Abdul Rahman Talib, Kuantan, Malaysia from 1973 to 1975 . If you know her... Read more...

Malaysia: Ahmad Nasir writes: Hello! I'm trying to find my Physics Teacher, Miss Daphne who were serving in Sekolah Menengah Abdul Rahman Talib, Kuantan (SMART) from 1973-1975. I could be reached/contacted at the... Read more...

Nigeria: John Musa writes: pleas contact me on how to register with the corps this 2011 recrutmebt john o musa kogi state nigeria Read more...

Tanzania: John Chisler writes: John Chisler, Tanzania 9 volunteer in Kahama, 1965 to 1968 is now living in Kigali, Rwanda, where his wife is teaching at the International School of Kigali. John spends his... Read more...

Nigeria: Amodu Kassim writes: i have beein wondering how i could be a member of this peacecorp for long. pls iwish to be a full memeber of organisation and how a can be full... Read more...

Honduras: Labella_Francesca writes: Trying to remember the name of the country director in the late 80s.. My experience was tainted by his continual stonewalling of any project I initiated. If anybody remembers his... Read more...

Honduras: Labella_Francesca writes: Please contact me if you are interested in planning/participating in a reunion for RPCVs Honduras in DC for the 50th anniversary Sep 25-26 2011 at Francesca... Read more...

Kenya: Carol Sloan writes: I'm trying to locate an old friend of mine that served from '74-'76 in Maragoli, Kenya. She was originally from Westchester and then her parents, Jane and John Moore... Read more...

Kenya: Carol Sloan writes: Trying to locate dear friend Pamela J. Moore who served in Kenya, 1974-1977. She taught at several locations in that country and in her spare time created incredible oil paintings... Read more...

Kenya: Carol Sloan writes: Trying to locate old friend PJ Moore, who worked as a teacher in Kenya from 1974-1977. Prior to joining the PC, she attended Scarsdale HS and Bard College, Annandale, NY... Read more...

Iran: Hassan Hamdi writes: I am not sure I could sent my message to you,it is good concidence to heare about Dr.Donna Shalala who was in Molasani as a peace vulonteer. yes ,I... Read more...

Tonga: Downwpc writes: If any one who is young and KNOWS about this case regarding DEB GARDNER SHOULD NEVER volunteer for the PEACE CORPS (or else you'll end up as a CORSPE!!!) EVERYONE... Read more...

Afghanistan: Makiez Arghandewal writes: I am looking for a mrs.mead from Mississippi who served as an English teacher for the peace core In Herat Afghanistan around 1970 If you have any information about please... Read more...

Burkina Faso: Dosso Mebra writes: I'm looking for Naudia Bryan who served in Burkina in the year 2000 Read more...

Dominican Republic: Mw99 writes: Looking for Karin Patterson, Dominican Republic early 1990s...if you are around, please email mattwinter99 at gmail com Thanks Read more...

Jamaica: Martha Plank Sechler writes: I am looking for PCV's who served in Jamaica from 1975-77, especially those who served in the Basic Schools, but, really, ANYONE. Jean? Kate? Cathy Read more...

Fiji: Bob Bonnewell writes: Jim and I were college housemates-1966-68 and I recently found his letter from FIJI in my Somali-RPCV trunk. We were expelled shortly after, lost contact Read more...

Ghana: Barbara Nobrega Wats writes: Anyone form RI going to Accra Ghana for PC 50th anniv celebration and swearing in ceremony of 50th year PC volunteers in Ghana? I am living in RI now and... Read more...

Tanzania: Yasmin Walji writes: Looking for Tom and Patty Kelly who served as teachers in lindi/Mtwara Area in the 60's. Should you have any information, please contact me. tHANKS Read more...

Costa Rica: Cameron Cowell writes: My name is Cameron Cowell, RPCV, Costa Rica, and documentary film-maker. We are asking the RPCV or any individual involved with the Peace Corps to please take the time... Read more...