Museum Highway 60 Traffic Modeling

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Chart 1: Scatter Chart for Number of Cars along Highway 60.

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Museum Highway 60 Traffic Modeling

by [ Hugh Pickens

begun March 30, 2018

Purpose of Investigation

To determine how much traffic we can expect at the museum over different time intervals.


On March 30, 2018 Hugh Pickens investigated the traffic flow along Highway past the site of the future Doctor Pickens Museum of Turquoise Jewelry and Art. Starting at 940am Pickens spent 30 minutes counting the number of cars that passed a fixed point on the highway. Measurements were made a one minute intervals.

Data Results

March 30, 2018: Initial Data Collection

Chart 1 shows the number of cars passing a fixed point going west to east along highway 60 past the museum location.

Modeling Traffic Flow to Pawhuska

According to an article in the Tulsa World, 1.8 million visitors went to Pawhuska to visit Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman Mercantile in 2017. Right now, visitors to Pawhuska using their GPS bypass Ponca City and go straight to Pawhuska through the refinery. Our museum will be right on the road to Pawhuska just a mile before the road splits between Ponca City and Pawhuska.